Free Berlin  

A free newspaper on the politics of creative life

The publication aims to contend with current debates on the topic of the creative city and how the artist and creative worker contribute to the cultural value of Berlin. With the steady intensification of "the Berlin phenomenon" this cultural value both fuels an extremely dynamic social milieu while lending to a political and urban apparatus geared toward economic development. The instrumentalization of creativity as a currency in the city of Berlin (and elsewhere) thus raises complex and important questions. In addition, the conditions that make possible such creative freedoms confront new limitations in the face of contemporary migrations. While Berlin has historically functioned as a zone of diversity and open tolerance, what new modalities of political freedom and citizenship practices are needed today?

The publication considers these current debates around city politics and how creative practice may negotiate (or not) the social and economic consequences. How to deal with such a situation? Is there a way to "produce" without being complicit in the capitalization of creative expression? What types of critical positions are possible? Are there possibilities for strategies of resistance, re-appropriation or withdrawal? What responsibilities do artists and cultural practitioners have for the city? And importantly, what are the historical and contemporary agents that have made and continue to make Berlin possible as a place for creative life?

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