Jarrod Fowler - Translation as Rhythm


1. Wittgenstein to Fowler
2. Satie to Cage to Fowler
3. Variable Occurrences to Fowler to Fowler
4. Kosuth to Fowler
5. Fowler to Fowler
6. Digital Data to Whitehead to Fowler
7. Fowler to Fowler to Fowler
8. Fowler to Fowler

total time: 77-minutes

Jarrod Fowler’s Translation as rhythm is an investigation of reference, reflexivity, and stasis through the reactivation of the contents, methodologies, and structures of past compositions. With attention to this CD’s external partaker-specific meaning-making processes, internal associations, and fundamental presentation, Fowler advances a considered historical position of post-conceptual and post-minimal thought, practice and status. The CD specifically references Ludwig Wittgenstein, Erik Satie, John Cage, Joseph Kosuth, James “JLIAT” Whitehead and Fowler himself. Translation as rhythm’s contents include: percussive sounds conveying periodic and aperiodic structures, speech synthesizers, numerical lists, noise drone, field recordings and a supplementary booklet.

Jarrod Fowler is a percussionist living and working in New England, USA.