Brandon LaBelle - Dirty Ear


1. Home_2. Parking Lot_3. Civic Center_4. Office Building_5. Closet_6. Country_7. Daytime _8. Classroom _9. Foreign City

total time: 47-minutes

Hyper-constructions, neurotic representations, micro-compositions designed as counter-sonorities to specific locations or settings... – environments ingested and regurgitated as audible fantasies...


Brandon LaBelle is an artist, writer and theorist working with sound culture, voice, and questions of agency. He develops and presents artistic projects and performances within a range of international contexts, often working collaboratively and in public. His artistic work has been presented at South London Gallery (2016), Liquid Architecture, Melbourne (2015), ngbk, Berlin (2014), Whitney Museum, NY (2012), Image Music Text, London (2011), Sonic Acts, Amsterdam (2010), A/V Festival, Newcastle (2008, 2010), Instal 10, Glasgow (2010), Museums Quartier/ Tonspur, Vienna (2009), 7th Bienal do Mercosul, Porto Allegro (2009). Also a prolific writer, his books include Lexicon of the Mouth: Poetics and Politics of Voice and the Oral Imaginary (2014), Diary of an Imaginary Egyptian (2012), Acoustic Territories: Sound Culture and Everyday Life (2010), and Background Noise: Perspectives on Sound Art (2015/2006). He is the editor of Errant Bodies Press and Professor at the Bergen Academy of Art and Design, Norway.