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Following the publication of Surface Tension: Problematics of Site in 2003, Errant Bodies Press announces a series of Supplements that will continue the artistic and theoretical program initiated in the original anthology. The Supplement series addresses questions of site-specific art, public and architectural space, and location-based practices. Each Supplement focuses on specific projects, developed by guest editors, accentuating the interdisciplinary cross-over of spatial art practice in a diversity of geographic contexts.

Broadly, the Surface Tension Supplements investigates location-based practices through writing, documentation, and field work, while questioning what role such practices can offer in defining contemporary culture and society. The Supplements act as a platform for generating conversations and collaborations, both on and off the page, engaging work that unsettles artistic assumptions.

How might the challenges of engaging with contemporary geographies become instrumental in defining relations between artist and public?


Supplement No. 7

Edited by: Alex Arteaga, Gunnar Green, Boris Hassenstein


Supplement No. 6

Maria Miranda


Supplement No. 5

edited by Sophie Warren/Jonathan Mosley


Supplement No. 4

edited by Brandon LaBelle


Supplement No. 3

edited by Octávio Camargo & Brandon LaBelle


Supplement No. 2

edited by Ken Ehrlich & Brandon LaBelle


Supplement No. 1

editors: Ken Ehrlich (Los Angeles) and Brandon LaBelle (Berlin) associate editors: Octávio Camargo (Curitiba), Jennifer Gabrys (London), Michael Rakowitz (Chicago), Robin Wilson (London)