Manual for the construction of a sound as a device to elaborate social connection
Edited by Brandon LaBelle
Surface Tension Supplement No. 4
104 pages + CD
ISBN: 978-0-9772594-8-9

Åsa Stahl & Kristina Lindstrom

 Brandon LaBelle

 Jana Winderen

Siri Austeen

Tao Sambolec

Organized as a temporary working group, the Manual project set out to explore sound and auditory experience as platforms for social meeting, urban intervention and environmental investigation. Developed in collaboration with Atelier Nord and the Ultima festival and staged in Oslo in 2009, the project brought together six artists from around Europe engaged in experimental media practices. The project functioned as a series of process-oriented field studies of the city, involving locational research, performative actions and public discussion. Such an approach aimed to use sound as a process of temporal and social exchange. The works involved supplemented objective perspectives with face-to-face interactions, secret interventions, and transmissions so as to bring forward amplifications of city life.

Including artistic works and materials by Siri Austeen (Norway), Brandon LaBelle(US/Germany), Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec (Slovenia/Holland), Kristina Lindström & Åsa Ståhl (Sweden), and Jana Winderen (Norway).

Further essay contributions by curators and philosophers Federica Bueti, Sophie Gosselin & David gé Bartoli, Mike Harding and Stine Hebert.

Each book includes one of five produced CDs by the participating artists.